Irish Times Doctoring Photos

By | October 4, 2005

My esteemed county councilling father was Liam Fay’s source for this suggestion in the ST. He is speaking about “self-styled Centre for Public Inquiry (CPI)” chaired by Feargus Flood of Tribunal fame, presenting a report on the dodgy goings on relating the granting of planning permission for a hotel beside Trim Castle.

“The CPI report added little to existing public knowledge of the fiasco. A greater source of intrigue among Trim locals is the photograph published in Wednesday?s Irish Times, which gives the impression that the hotel virtually adjoins the castle, when the structures are separated by a sizable road. The Irish Times, of course, insists it never doctors photographs. Maybe the CPI should investigate.”

The Da had observed 2 things about the photograph. Firstly it included Flood and the Chairman of the Council Brian FitzGerald looking at something. But whatever they were looking at wasn’t in the photo. Secondly it showed them apparently standing on a green area between the castle and the hotel – a short distance. But he knew that the aspect of the castle was the wrong one and that furthermore the road was between the castle and the hotel.

He asked Brian FitzGerald about it today and Fitz(an ex-Labour councillor who I think resigned when they joined with Democratic Left) said that the photographer took the photo of them at a nearby church. So there is no doubt whatsoever, the Irish Times published a photograph which is a composite of what my Dad reckons are three separate shots: One of the lads, one of the castle and one of the hotel.

This is pretty outrageous in my view. Unfortunately the IT don’t publish phtoos on their site so I can’t display it for you.