Sky TV

By | June 21, 2005

First off must retract previous statements re horrible charter. The flight was operated by Spanair. Gorgeous airbus, plenty of spare seats and most professional and courteous hostesses/stewards. Mature people who had pride in their work. Also we sat near the Ballina GAA Football Team who were being sent on their annual holiday as they had won the Club Championship. Very civilised bunch of guys, some quite good looking and they played with the toddler…..

Returned to usual routine and wish I could shake off the self-doubt that plagues me when I do housework. I don’t actually mind doing it except that I am constantly justifying it in my head. Do I really need to wash this floor? Am I a victim of a feminine mystique-type indoctrination? Would I be cooler if I said, “to hell with this floor! I’ll read The Atlantic”. But the floor is dirty and it must be worthy on some level to clean it. There is a level of course, but it is very low.

Then the Sky man came. I finally caved. I was quite happy with RTE1, RTE2 and TV3. Fair enough I had to rearrange my wire hanger (i.e. the arial) frequently but I felt virtuous by NOT having loads of TV channels. The babysitters were outraged and started getting aggressive and as they are free I had to indulge them. Anyway, the installer was a bitter South African (white) – they seem to be a dour lot, always complaining). He told me all the sneaky ways that Sky try to get extra money from you. The TV has to be connected to a phone line. You know how they are always telling you to press the red button for extra features? When you press that button it dials up the extra features and you pay through the phone line. I disconnected it the second he was gone out the door. Fortunately becaue when I checked out one of the children’s channels, they had red button icon in the top right hand corner with an ARRROW pointing towards it, encouraging little kiddies to press it. Finally I examined the 900 crap channels. All the ‘adult’ ones are at the end. I love the names. “Red Hot Housewives!” I suggested to M that we take a look. He said no. Betcha ANYTHING he sneaks a look when I’m gone to bed. However, as I read instruction books and he doesn’t I can ban them with a PIN number and he’ll never figure out how to get them. Ha ha. Of course, if he doesn’t even try then I am unfairly suspicious and will be struck down. We’ll see.