McDowell u-turn

By | March 24, 2005

Herr Minister has had a change of heart and is paying for the Nigerian Leaving Cert student to be flown back to Ireland following the protest by his classmates after the deportation. I’ve just seen Michael on the news and he’s all bashful and apologetic and even smiled. It’s quite extraordinary. Maybe he is a big teddy bear after all. Or maybe he discovered that the gardai had told him a heap of lies, which McDowell repeated in the Dail (in ignorance) regarding the student’s access to lawyers. In any event, it is good news. Am particularly pleased at the politicisation of the students of Palmerston school.

Irish people have a funny kind of racism. In general they will complain bitterly about Nigerians coming over and scamming our social welfare system. However many communities have raised protests over the deportation of specific individuals that they know personally. Unfortunately most of those campaigns are unsuccessful.