The World Today

By | January 21, 2005

I’m taking maternity leave from blog duties from today. The world is a place to be avoided at all costs for the next few weeks as it is simply a source of disturbance to my delicate pysche. Listening to Bush prattle on about his so-called freedom while watching pictures of screaming Iraqi children who’ve just witnessed their parents being shot by liberating US soldiers is just too much. The tragic outcome of the Robert Holohan case is also upsetting. Instead of the hysterical stranger predator paedophile story pedalled by an irresponsible press, we get a young man who got accidentally involved in a nightmare. Whatever incident took place (who knows? maybe Robert swerved out in front of his car, gave him a fright, he went to put him in the car to take him home to reprimand him to his parents and it all went wrong??) the insistence by the meeja that a paedophile was responsible would clearly have dissuaded him from coming forward. This of course draws us back to the Rachel O’Reilly case where it looks as if that will remain unsolved. Either our chief suspect is innocent or clever: a most unsatisfactory outcome for all concerned.

Anyway, I will focus on matters domestic. Nesting continues at an intense level. An entirely unnecessary visit to Brown Thomas was made last week and an unaffordable investment made in the best Egyptian cotton bed linen. Every time I feel a twinge I clean something (a door, the cooker filter, the kettle, something not mission critical but the cleanliness of which suddenly appears vital). I’m due on Thursday (27th) but suspect I will go over. The midwife has recommended a concoction of castor oil, vodka and orange juice should this transpire. The V&O is on site but I’ll have to source the castor oil.

Full report will appear in due course.