Breastfeeding in public: so what?

By | July 9, 2003

Breastfeeding in public: so what?

Interesting article by Sheila Kitzinger on ‘modesty’ while breastfeeding.

16 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in public: so what?

  1. Sean

    Public breastfeeding the way i see it is indecent exposure and a dirty, sexual obscene, filthy bad habit that should be illegal in all 50 states the way i see it. Any women who has MANNERS, CLASS, DECENCY AND SHAME would not breastfeed in public, breastfeeding in public would be like if i were to urinate-defacate in public, no difference. I feel we as a society should have enough balls to speakout against this shameful, dirty, filthy , bad habit in our society before we lose a civilized society with no values. Women who public breastfeed are trash, lowclass, ignorant people who werent raised and taught the right way about manners and class. I feel if we can get a great conservative in the whitehouse in the 2008 election like Newt Gingrich, i think he can make this country a decent more civilized country by making public breastfeeding illegal in all 50 states. I’m voting for Newt Gingrich for good moral values of this country and good conservative values of this country. If a weak minded liberal society can make indecent exposure such as public breastfeeding a social norm, how long will it be till America as liberal as it is would make urinating-defacating in public legal

  2. Sean

    Any women with MANNERS, CLASS, VALUES AND SHAME would breastfeed her kid in PRIVATE like a bathroom, a car or a house where its not gonna be in the way of others who would feel uncompfortable by this dirty, sexual obscene action. Public breastfeeding is detestable and discraceful for women and should make it illegal in all 50 states, no women with manners, class and shame breastfeeds her child in public, i’m sorry. Public breastfeeding gives a women a lowclass, trashy, discraceful image plus not to mention looking like a slut for exposing her boobs without covering herself up to show some decency, manners , class and shame. Women who want to continue to discrace themselves by public breastfeeding better know what to expect by having onlookers stare at her out of discrace, to have onlookers give her dirty looks, to bring shame down on her and her family as well

  3. casie

    You are an idiot. When you start eating your meals in the public restroom, then that’s where I will feed my baby. Women who breastfeed their babies are giving them the best start in life that they can possibly give. They breastfeed their children when they are hungry, it doesn’t matter where they are. These women want to continue to have a life while breastfeeding and not be cooped up in their homes for fear they will be stared at. I’m glad that I live in a community where breastfeeding is supported and encouraged by men, women, doctors, etc….

  4. brandy teal

    I have children, breastfeed, and would absolutely under no circumstances do this in PUBLIC!!! I think it’s disgraceful because when I didn’t have children, I surely didn’t want to see it. Other people who have no idea what it means, and don’t care, take it completely out of context, or get aroused and do something inappropriate and then these women want to whine about it when somebody is “out of the way” with them or makes advances towards them. Well, there are crazy people every where that want nothing more than a free show, and that’s what you public breastfeeders are giving them, and putting your child in danger as well. I see it like this- As important as feeding time is, then you can make arrangements to do it somewhere quiet and private. You had the child, do right by them. It’s your responsibility. For Pete’s sake don’t raise them to think it’s okay to just plop it out anywhere. That’s gross! And it just enrages me for all of these crazy, “I’ve got baby fever and you should too” idiots who think being a mom is the only occupation left on the planet for the female body actually have the audacity to think they have the right to invade on my lunch hour with their tatas hanging out all over the table at McDonalds, while I have to listen to their child nursing during my lunch- it’s horribly rude and completely inappropriate. It’s hard trying to choke down my salad, hold the newspaper up in front of my face AND listen to my ipod just to tune out the whole disgusting experience. I don’t think my lunch hour should be ruined. I think this deal should be outlawed. I don’t do it, and I love my child very much….Which is why I don’t.

  5. fatmammycat

    Troll. No woman refers to her breasts as ‘tatas’. And if you do have a a problem with it, get over yourself.

  6. Natural is here to stay

    Breastfeeding is a natural and a beautiful thing. Mothers can’t starve their children because other people dont want to see it. People who are against it shouldnt watch…If breastfeeding is done in a public place women should’nt be punished for feeding their children by telling them they should do it in a bathroom…That is the most discusting place to feed children…if people don’t like to see the feedings then women should have a place in public that is designated for us to go and use….NOT a germ infested bathroom. When I breastfeed I use a blanket to cover the baby so i have privacy not tosatify other people, but i feel more comfortable with it…I am not going to have my child screaming because he is hungry. Would you like to get starved when you are hungry? The answer to that question is NO!!! Women are put on this earth to produce life and that will never change. People that can’t except that…To bad, How to you think you got here… 😀

  7. Yaya

    There are so many nice breastfeeding clothes, and many mothers cover their breast and babies with a nice blanket while they breastfeed. I don’t see the need to criticize breastfeeding in public. There is nothing wrong with the act itself. I would be somehow shocked to see a ladies breat exposed but not because she is breastfeeding her child but because there is absolutly no need to do it like that. Anyway, as long as the child is been fed whatever the rest of us thinks is not important. You don’t like it? Don’t look.

  8. JargonTalk

    Just a heads up…

    The individual you know here as “Sean” has been kicked off of Buzznet for the second time. He was there previously under the name “Batonclub” and his behavior became so offensive, including making threats against females in their early teens, that he was removed and blocked on 6/4/2007. This is all a matter of record on their forums.

    Early on 6/17/2007 (Fathers’ Day), he signed in under the new name of “Catmain” and began to again dump his offensive viewpoints on people there in a forum on breastfeeding. He again began attacking young females, using the same bullying tactics that he’s used all over the ‘Net. He was removed by the SysAdmins this evening, who are now tracking him by his IP addresses.

    I’m posting this here as an alert to all women of all ages, because he doesn’t seem to have any limits on who he will go after. His original logins were from Fairfield, California, but now he seems to be located in the area west of Metro Boston.

    If you see him in other blogs or forums, pass the word so that others, especially teenagers or young mothers, aren’t verbally attacked by him.

  9. greeny

    Women who choose to breast feed should be able to do it where ever they like. Babies get hungry when they get hungry and being in public shouldn’t stop a woman from feeding her baby. As for people who find it offensive to see a breast in public, I want to know why it’s so offensive to see a breast doing what it is meant to be doing in public, when breasts (in which only the nipples are covered) are perfectly fine in public when they are used in adverts for Calvin Klein or American Apparel. Breasts are secondary sex organs, many cultures don’t even find breasts arousing since they have no real part to play in sexual intercourse, people who find it offensive just because it can be used to arouse others are being very close minded and losing site of what a breast is actually meant to do. I also want to address the idea that breast feeding mothers are the ones at fault when men harass them after seeing their breasts. Don’t excuse these men from their actions by blaming the women. Men are human too, they have the ability to control themselves and the responsibility to behave with decorum. By placing the blame on breast feeding women, you give men the excuse to sexually harass them by making it the woman’s fault. This is very much like what we get in rape cases in America where many people blame the victim if she was wearing sexy clothing instead of the rapist.

  10. Becka

    Okay, honestly now..what is wrong with some people? I have been in situations (quite recently lately) where women are breastfeeding. Let me just get this off my chest the right way first before i start into it though…breastfeeding is your own buisness..i don’t believe in it..but if you do than that’s great but i don’t want to hear about your problems with it and i certainly dont want to see it or hear your baby eating *shakes head disgusted*.
    There is NO reason that a woman cannot excuse herself from a situation to go and feed her baby. First off, you’re going to bring in the nasty crazy’s who are going to stare, second your going to bring in the nasty glares of the community who think you’re filthy and lacking morals. Thirdly it’s unclean, if you love your baby ever so evadently then do it a fav. and step out of the public area. Lastly is plane’s disgraceful..were you born in a barn? Then stop publicly pulling out your breasts like they are utters! I was at a table the other day eating (at a restaurant) and i had my restaurant companion start breast feeding while i was trying to eat my pricey meal. Meanwhile i wasn’t able to. Breastfeeding in public is disgusting, do you think i seriously want to see that? I don’t enjoy hearing your baby sucking on your chest while i’m trying to eat. I will no longer go out with people like shows that they don’t respect you enough to leave the table politely. When i confronted this act i was told “it’s natural, it’s not going to stop..” etc. Obviously not pleased by my asking to leave the table, i thought she should have been EMBARRASSED moe than ANYTHING! This is wrong, you can’t kjust tune it out, you hear it and see it. It’s not fair to those around you. If you had an DECENCY you would take it else’d only take 1 minute..but apparently you’re looking for the negative attention.

  11. MasterJaniuk

    I’m a 15 year old male and i think it’s pretty bad to do it but like Becka said each to there own but everything she said i completely agree with and she makes and excellent point i think that if you want to be “FEMALE” have some dignity because us males are complete pricks i’m not proud of our race and i have very good morals and values and i have been friends with Woman my whole life most guys are cocks anyway getting to the point it is a private the it could even be called an intemacy thing and like my and my Beautiful girlfriend we keep our lives in our world away from the public and maybe if you love you’r children you should realy think twice about what it would be like if they were breast feeding you in a public place weird yes but think about it just my opinion do what you like people who breast feed in public but seriously it’s pretty primitive and i even feel uncomfortable seeing a lady Breastfeeding please think about others…i’m old fashioned and society is changing but the human body shouldn’t be apart of the street it’s a wonderful thing don’t get me wrong but save it for you’r partner and not the public eyes do you’r self and you’r Bubs a favour try to steer away from the public place when breastfeeding…..; )

  12. Kate

    The only people who should be ashamed are the people who have a problem with it.

    Becka – you’re very, very ignorant. How would you feel if I told you that your face was putting me off my dinner? Because that’s just as rude as what you said in your post. People like you need to get over yourselves and take a little step back and try to understand why you have such a bad attitude. While you’re at it…..grow up.

  13. heather

    Breastfeeding is a NORMAL and healthy thing to do with your child…..Would you eat your lunch in the washroom or restroom?? NO…So why should a child have to. Its unfair and not right, it is not illegal to do it in public. Its just another way to feed a child/infant. You girls/women walk around with there cleveage OUT….thats ok? but its not ok to breastfeed a growing baby??? People need to get a grip on life and stop being so pathetic. If you dont like then DONT LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. catherina

    I’m absolutely disgusted by the comments people have left on this page. I am a mother of a 9 week old and very much relieved to be living in a civilised society that encourages and promotes breastfeeding. I have gained confidence to feed my child, where and when she needs it, and have feed her in front of strangers who havn’t blinked an eye, because ITS NATURAL.
    The breast is not soley an object of mens desire’s it is first and foremost a source of food and comfort to my beautiful baby girl. I have the full support of my husband, who tells me over and over how proud he is of me.
    Men who are aroused by a feeding baby seriously need to re-evaluate the way their mind works. As for those who view it as being dirty and primative, thats just because you’r getting a wake call that those glands attached to womans chest actually serve a function…and are not the augmented and silicone filled rendition that are shoved in our faces at every newstand and in every add break.
    Face facts, men subconciously seek women with bigger breasts who can nurish their offspring….we’re already doing that!!

  15. catherina

    greeny…big up. in total agreement with you.

  16. sandra

    I feel embarrassed and ashamed by women who speak so negatively about breastfeeding. You are a disgrace to all mother´s and women in general. I almost feel like i should apologize for you. Bless all women who breastfeed because they is no greater love for your child than that.

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