Nailed the Victoria Sponge

I don’t do much baking, or rather, I’ve a few classics I stick to. I’m posting this because it’s one of those things that should be straightforward but I’ve been tweaking it for years and am convinced I’ve finally nailed … Read more

DUP – good for the end-game

On Tuesday Channel 4 news asked regular British people to draw the Northern Ireland border and we got to laugh at their ignorance. On Wednesday RTE news asked Irish people to draw some borders too and the results were only … Read more

Lost My Electric Picnic Virginity

I finally lost my Electric Picnic Virginity. A bit like the real thing, I’d been watching glamorous people apparently having a great time for years and was feeling a bit left out, even though I could have disposed of it … Read more

On Mass

My mass stories are piling up, and I’m afraid I’ll forget them. I’m not sure if I’m ready to start on exactly why I go to mass, but I can say I enjoy it immensely. I read an article once … Read more

The Lamb With No Eyes


Our house is in the corner of a field really. The rest of the field, which is part of a network of four fields, is occupied by sheep. My Uncle J, the farmer/shepherd herds twice a day, morning and … Read more

Norman Doors

I used to work in a tech company full of clever people. A company book club allowed clever staff members to nominate clever books for everyone else to read. Pressure. The reading list looked a bit intimidating but I tried … Read more